Our Overview

At Mentric, we're dedicated to reshaping futures. Through strategic corporate collaborations, we sculpt industry-relevant training, merging technical excellence with language fluency.

Our pledge to constant content refinement stems from partnering with corporations, guaranteeing a pulse on evolving skills. Beyond knowledge, we cultivate employability traits, nurturing holistic professional growth. With a proven track record, we bridge aspirations to reality, offering pathways to global opportunities and advancement.

Here we should bring in the part that we have on our current home page – How Mentric empowers human capital- four steps that are mentioned could be used- identifying key outcomes and the other three.

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Our Guiding Tenets


Transforming lives and industries through cutting-edge skill development, becoming the premier global platform that empowers individuals to thrive in their careers and create a more prosperous and inclusive world


To equip students and professionals with industry demand-led skills through innovative and personalized training programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning. We also strive to provide comprehensive support to cultivate exceptional human capital that thrives in diverse sectors and drives positive societal and economic transformation.


These core values form the foundation of our firm, guiding our decisions, actions, and interactions as we work towards our vision and fulfill our mission of preparing exceptional human capital with industry demand-led skills.

  • Excellence: We are committed to delivering the highest quality training programs and services, constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our work. We set high standards for ourselves and continuously seek opportunities to improve and innovate
  • Empowerment: We believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their own learning and professional growth. We provide the tools, resources, and support necessary for our learners to unlock their full potential and achieve their career goals.
  • ​Adaptability: In a rapidly changing job market and evolving industries, we embrace adaptability as a core value. We stay agile, anticipating shifts in skill demands, and regularly update our training programs to ensure they remain relevant and valuable to our learners
  • ​Collaboration: We recognize the power of collaboration and teamwork. We foster a culture that encourages open communication, knowledge sharing, and constructive partnerships with industry experts, organizations, and our learners to create a collective impact and enhance the learning experience.
Our journey

Our Expedition Commences


MoU with REVA University for executing the Infrastructure Management Supervisor program by Tech Mahindra Foundation

  • Onsite Refresher Training: TCFM Embassy Services
  • UDAAN Program Launch: DTSS Supervisors Upskilling at REVA
  • Schneider's 3-Year Training: Building and Industrial Automation at SDI Bhubaneswar
  • MoU with ESSCI: Automation Training in Bangalore
  • Launch of Mentric ALL - Learning Management Portal
  • Signing up with NSDC to establish World Skills India Academy

Trainings started on Building Automation and Industrial Automation at SDI, Bhubaneswar in partnership with Schneider Electric

  • MoU with SMC: Industrial Automation Training and CoE Establishment
  • "MoU with Kangaroo Cargo: Logistics and People Management Training"
  • "Introducing Explenet: Enhancing Employability through Experiential Learning"
  • "NSDC Approval: Designated Funded Training Partner"
  • "MoU with TRRAIN: Retail Sales Management Training Collaboration"
  • "Promoting Industry 4.0 and Japanese Process Quality: JEC in Engineering Colleges with SMC Corporation"
Our Team

Our Team

Dilip kumar

Founder and MD

Dilip, Mentric's MD, brings 20+ years of global industrial expertise. Proficient in HR, Training, Compliance, Business Support .


Investor & Director

Held leadership roles at Tata Strategic, T.I.M.E Mumbai, Advinia Healthcare (SREI Group), and Tripura Medical College.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar, former MD and CEO of NSDC, is an esteemed leader in Indian development sectors. he was also a Mason Fellow at Harvard University.

Amit kulshreshtha


Amit is a veteran financial leader, co-founder of CIG, and former CEO of CIFL, with experience in investment banking and various advisory roles.

Nagendra Sastry


Nagendra, with 28+ years in IT, is the MD of Proclink, specializing in Data Analytics and IT process consulting with ISO and CMMI models.