Creating a great Learning Journey

Mentric provides assessment based training programs to deliver the right learning to the right set of people at the right time
Technology-driven tool to identify the skill gaps (technical, functional & behavioral)
  • S kill Assessment
  • O bserve & Analyze Capabilities
  • U nderstanding of Concepts & Processes
  • L eadership Skills
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Reskilling and Upskilling through continuous learning
  • S kill enhancement
  • H oning the Individual mindset
  • I gnite Passion for growth
  • N avigating business & customer expectations
  • E mpowering through Knowledge
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Holistic development for job-readiness and career progression
  • C ommunication Skills Improvement
  • L eadership Skills development
  • A nalyze & Improve Processes
  • S et standards and Values
  • S mart Goals for Self & Team
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$20 / Month
  • 7 marketing channels
  • 1-click automations
  • Basic templates
  • Marketing CRM
$30 / Month
  • All email templates
  • A/B testing
  • Custom branding
  • Automation series
  • 24/7 award-winning support
SOUL Technology-driven tool to identify the skill gaps (technical, functional & behavioral)
  • Skill Assessment
  • Observe & Analyze Capabilities
  • Understanding of Concepts & Processes
  • Leadership Skills
  • Unlimited seats and role-based access

Discover the Mentric Advantage

Industry Expertise

The team at Mentric has rich professional experience in facility management, engineering, HVAC and energy management solutions. Thus the trainee is offered a learning, which is relevant, recent and growth oriented

World-class Training

Training is our core business, we are training partners of Industry leaders in the facility management sector. We train thousands of employees of our corporate clients & students every year

Industry-connect and Employability

Our courses are designed in collaboration with Industry & validated not only by our corporate partners but also by leading Educational Institutions and Certifying bodies

Unique Blended Learning

We offer blended training programs - Onsite, Off-site, at Experience labs as well as through Online learning contents - thus providing convenient and wholesome learning experiences

Learning is a continuous process

In an economy dominated by knowledge, rapid transformation and unpredictable change, the ability to learn, and to continue learning, is crucial for individuals and organizations

In this era of globalization and fast-changing knowledge economy, people need to upgrade their skills throughout their adult lives to cope up, both at their work place and in personal lives. Hence the ability to learn and adapt to the new skills necessitate good amount of trainings

Mentric’s Learning Journey approach is about providing further chances to update the basic skills and offer advance level learning opportunities